Popcorn Around the World

Enjoying a bag of popcorn isn’t limited to just a few countries. People all over the world love snacking on popcorn, and have different ways of enjoying this amazing snack. While everyone has popcorn flavored in butter and salt, gourmet popcorn is a popular trend. The flavors that each country enjoys is very different from that of others though.

Popcorn Flavors Around the World

Let’s take a look at 5 different countries from around the world, and how they enjoy this beloved food.


In 2012, popcorn became an extremely popular trend in Japan, and while there are no longer huge lines at every popcorn shop, it is still a wildly popular snack. Most of the flavors that are offered are ones that are pretty common. Cheddar cheese, caramel, and honey flavored popcorns. Flavors you might not be so familiar with? Milk tea, curry, and corn potage flavored popcorns are also popular.


India is another country that loves its popcorn. As much as 23,000 tons of popcorn is imported annually, and sales continue to grow as more people choose to eat popcorn as their go-to snack. Plain old butter is once again the most common, but also look out for Miso Soup flavored, Za’atar popcorn (a mixture of seasonings including thyme, sesame and sumac), Thai red coconut, and Bagna Cauda (anchovy garlic) popcorn.


Germany offers popcorn in its theaters just like many other countries, but if you’re expecting salt and butter when you grab the bag you’d better be specific. Germany prefers its popcorn coated in sugar instead! This is actually the case in many other countries, including France, where popcorn is available but not very common. (In fact, most popcorn sold comes in bags, and is not freshly popped.)


The popularity of popcorn is growing in Africa as well. While microwave popcorn is a favorite, new flavors are becoming wildly popular. Among the top favorite? Fruit chutney flavored popcorn. More unique flavors are popping up as this favorite snack gains traction, but for now this flavor and plain old butter and salt reign supreme.


Brazil also enjoys popcorn, but they take it to a different level. A popular snack food is Pipoca in Brazil, and it is a delicious and rich snack made from caramel, nuts, and yes mainly popcorn. This incredible snack is a delicious treat whether you are going to the movies, or just chilling at home.

Popcorn is a wonderful snack enjoyed the world over. While we all like it in different ways, and enjoy it with different topping, one thing always remains the same. We all enjoy that fluffy, starchy goodness that is the popcorn that makes its base. Popcorn is something the whole world has an appreciation for, and it is here to stay.

The next time you pop yourself a fresh bowl of popcorn, try it with a new flavor and see which countries delightful selection of flavors you like best. You may find you like a fruity or freshly seasoned popcorn better than the usual salt and butter.

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